Ride, Shoot, Speak the Truth


Legend has it that before a young gentleman could be introduced at the court of the Assyrian Kings, he needed to possess three outstanding attributes. 

That young gentleman had to be an accomplished rider, skilled at horsemanship and capable of traveling long distances through the countryside on horseback. 

He had to be proficient at arms, notably the Assyrian recurve bow, renown for its power and extreme range. The young gentleman had to prove his prowess with that weapon in front of the King and his ministers, who keenly observed the demonstration. 

Lastly and most importantly, the young gentleman had to be entirely trustworthy. He had to be able to act as an observer on the King’s behalf, and deliver unbiased reports, no matter how difficult the truth was to acknowledge. 

In today’s parlance, he had to be able to “Ride, Shoot, and Speak the Truth”. 

If he lacked any of these qualities, he never got the chance to make an appearance at the royal court, and he would be consigned to living a life of relative obscurity.

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