Ride, Shoot, Speak the Truth


I am not a professional gun writer, nor do I profess to be an expert of any sort as far as firearms are concerned.

At one stage in my life I designed, manufactured and sold guns, but that was some time ago.

Whatever I write here concerning firearms comes only from the experiences I have personally had with the guns mentioned—no more, no less.

Such being the case, you will understand that certain peculiarities may only be attributable to my particular specimen of the firearm in question, and may not necessarily reflect the performance of every specimen of that particular model, including the one you may own.

If you believe that I have unfairly criticized any of your favorite guns (which I also happen to own, or may have owned in the past) please don’t hesitate to give me a holler. And let me know if I’m saying something really stupid, or if you believe I’m stating outright falsehoods, because nobody should be allowed to do that.

If you asked me, for example, what rifle to use for elephant hunting, I would tell you offhand that I didn’t know. I have never hunted elepants, and have had little experience shooting big-game rifles.

I could make an educated guess, of course, but I would be sure to let you know it was an educated guess, not the gospel truth.

If you asked me, on the other hand, whether the Ruger LCP .380 is a good concealed carry pistol, I would answer “Yes, definitely!” because I carry one almost every waking hour of the day, usually as a backup piece. (I say “almost every waking hour of the day” because I travel a lot, and I can’t carry it on a plane, or in foreign countries!)

In the movie Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road, a feisty old character called Robert W. Cody says, “Say what you mean, mean what you say…If everybody followed that rule, there’d be a lot less trouble.”

I happen to believe that, and I write keeping that singular principle in mind.

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