(The following letter was received from one of our readers in Europe. It graphically demonstrates what can happen in a well-developed western society, when massive migration meets inadequate law enforcement and restrictive gun laws.)


Dear Sir/Madam;

I’m a Danish national living in Sweden just now, we are actually planning to move back within a year because Sweden has become a nation in decay. It’s really bad, in the last two years 1 cop quit his job every day, and with a police force of less than 10,000‬ today, society is turning bad fast! What is a society without a police force … it’s the Wild West!

There are areas here in Sweden where 1 police car covers an area twice the size of Luxembourg, and another area where 2 police cars and 4 officers cover an area the size of Denmark. That is unrealistic, and then they blame people for taking matters into their own hands.

Border control in Sweden was non-existent for a long time, and a LOT of bad weapons were smuggled in from the Balkans during that time. We are talking AK-47’s , hand grenades, and all eastern block pistols you can mention.

Until recently, grenades were not covered under the country’s law on explosives. Grenades were classified as fireworks, and because of some technical detail in the law, customs officers could not impound these. They had to refer the matter to police for confiscation and the filing of charges. If the police could not respond to customs immediately, customs had to let them through.

This effectively meant that a customs officer standing at the border looking at some guy driving into Sweden with a trunk full of hand grenades could do absolutely nothing … how about that for a feeling of security? So far two children have died from grenades thrown into apartments, and one child was killed together with her dad when a car bomb went off while they were driving down the freeway.

If you are caught with a gun on the street in Sweden and you admit to the police that you had a gun, you are released right after they have taken down your personal info. You can go home until you are called to the court for sentencing later on; that is, if you have given the police your correct name, and you actually show up for the sentencing at all.

This means that 30 minutes after they are stopped by the police, it is possible for any criminal to have a new gun in his hand and to carry on his business. So being stopped by the police is always just a minor setback. Thank God this law is being changed, but it will probably not be until December 2017 or January 2018 that the new law will be implemented.

Police and the security service in Sweden estimate that this year Sweden will have one gang-related murder attempt each week for the whole year, and one gang-related murder each month for the whole year, but here in the middle of March, Sweden is already ahead of schedule, and none of the gang members involved have any particularly Swedish-sounding names.

Sweden’s neighbor Norway (a member of NATO) is about to make a law that will eventually pull Norway out of the Geneva convention, and they will refuse all refugees at the Swedish-Norwegian border in the event of a system collapse in Sweden. This means closing the border by means of force, and shooting at refugees if necessary … I am obviously not the only one thinking about the future.

In the last two years Sweden has stepped up border control, and because weapons on the streets are now harder to come by, the new sport is robbing — under the threat of gun violence — people who have legal guns in their homes! The criminals know you are not allowed to shoot them, so they are not afraid. I see only one way to stop this and that is to make it legal to shoot robbers that come into your house, but that will probably never happen in Sweden or in Europe.

After the terror attack in Paris, European leaders and officials jumped up in action. Now they suddenly think that gun laws need to be stricter, this even though they know that all the weapons used during the Paris attack were smuggled in from the Balkans, and none of the weapons were legal to own in any European country. Once again legal gun owners have to listen to proposals regarding the maximum number of rounds in gun magazines, a ban on folding butt stocks, and a ban on weapons that look like military weapons. Think about that for a minute … it makes no sense at all, and laws are only for the good people who follow the law. We all know that criminals don’t care what the law says.

I think that Sweden has gone soft, and the nation is living in denial , like a lot of other European countries.

The French Minister for domestic security Patrick Calvar has twice said to the French government, after the Paris attack, that one or two more terror attacks in France could very easily result in a civil war, and I think that it’s not only France that is facing this challenge. The rest of Europe has the same problems, and no leader in any country will speak the truth because they know Europe is about to burn once again.

No matter how I twist and turn the problem, I see a civil war coming in Europe, there is no escaping it and if you think WW2 and the Balkans War was bad … think again! The migrant crisis is already out of hand, we are getting too many too fast, as of now in Sweden more than 12.000 refugees have gone missing after they were refused their asylum application. Because they have no jobs and no social benefits, these people can only live on one thing, and that is crime.

The EU member nations can´t work together as they intended, but they will never admit the truth on this matter to the public. And it doesn’t help that corruption is way out of control inside the EU bureaucracy.

In the EU there are 10,000 civil servants who are paid more than the British Prime Minister. Think of that for a moment — all these people were never elected, they were appointed. That being the case, I think corruption becomes pretty straightforward, they will say or do anything to keep their well-paid jobs, especially when the people that gave them their jobs come to ask a favor .

So the next year will tell you how things will turn out here in Europe. There are very important elections coming up soon in The Netherlands, in France, and in Germany. My estimate is that by 2018-2019 the European Union as we know it today will no longer exist.

A lot of people might tell you that I’m lying, but all that I have talked about in this post is easily found on news sites in Europe. You can find out for yourself, or you can just wait and see how things turn out.

With fear of the future,

A Concerned Resident