A Brief Background

I grew up around weapons.

The first gun I shot, at the age of three, was an M1 .30-caliber carbine, up in the mountains of Lake Tahoe.

My father was a special forces operator in the Army, the Marine Corps, and the Office of Strategic Intelligence. He also had extensive experience and a distinguished career in law enforcement.

So you might say that the roles came naturally to me, too. All of my family have served our nation in one capacity or another, either in the military or in law enforcement.

Weapons Qualifications

My own professional work mirrors that of my father.

I was a United States Marine, a local, state, and federal law enforcement officer, and a Paramilitary Trainer. I also served as a Paramilitary Contractor and was once part of an Embedded Training Team in the U.S. State Department.

In the course of these roles, I carried and used a wide variety of weapons, and I became intimately familiar with many of them.

As a young Marine, I carried the M-9 Italian-made Beretta and the M-16 Rifle. Sometimes I carried the M-16 A-2, as well.

While serving aboard the USS Eisenhower, we were certified on various other weapons, apart from the ones in which we had Infantry Training School weapons qualifications.

The reason for this was that Infantry Marines needed to be qualified to carry and use as many weapons systems as possible, just in case the necessity to improvise presented itself in the field.

My Personal EDC Today

Today’s weapons systems have come a long way because of the rapid advances in technology. We now have a myriad of choices, with regard to the guns we can carry for personal protection.

Personally, however, I choose to carry a weapon which has never given me any issues or problems—a Glock 17 Gen 4. Glock pistols are renown for being easy to maintain. Owing to their incomparable reliability, they are also among the best choices for military, law enforcement and EDC use.

Because of my experience with, and my exposure to various weapons systems, I learned early on that regular maintenance is critical to any weapon’s reliable function.

As someone who carries everyday for personal protection, I recognize how easy it is to overlook regular maintenance for the guns that our lives may someday depend upon.

I therefore make it a point to clean and lubricate the pistol that I carry for my personal protection, on a regular basis.

I use a particular dry lubricant, and an all-in-one wet cleaner on my EDC, which greatly enhances the functioning of my Glock 17.

I have discovered that Tec-Shield Elite lubricant-and-cleaner-in-one is by far the best weapons cleaner and lubricant on the market today. It doesn’t require you to keep a cabinet full of cleaning solvents and lubricants—it serves both purposes in an easy-to-use format.

Why 9mm?

A few people have asked why I carry a 9mm pistol.

The 9mm is my personal choice because I believe that shot placement is what matters when you want to end a fight.

When a person lawfully carrying a weapon has to use deadly force to protect themselves or their family, shot placement is almost always the critical element. I have found that shooting a 9mm pistol fits my tactical abilities perfectly.

I have learned from experience that when you choose a weapon to carry every day, the first consideration should be your ability to perform with the firearm that you opt to carry.

The Need for Training

I am also quite firm in my belief that every one who decides to carry concealed needs to find a reputable firearms trainer.

Depending on your locale, a good firearms trainer shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

I would highly recommend looking on the NRA website to find trainers in your area. Alternatively, you can go to your local law enforcement agency, and ask for the name of a reputable trainer.

As with everything else, there are good trainers and there are bad ones, so you need to exercise due diligence when you make your choice.

Concealed Carry Is A Necessity

In today’s society, with the criminal element that we now have, legally carrying a weapon for your own protection (and the protection of those you care about) is most certainly an imperative.

I would rather have a well-trained concealed weapons permit holder in line with me at the store, when a thug decides to rob the place and all hell breaks loose.

It’s impossible to accurately forecast what may happen in your everyday travels, and it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim—because you didn’t take matters into your own hands—by carrying the means to protect your own life.

So by all means, make personal defense an integral part of your daily business. Carry concealed, and never, ever neglect your weapon’s maintenance!